Sunday, October 10, 2010

Should I give him the credit?


A few weeks ago, I ran the You Go Girl 10K in Tacoma, WA placing 2nd in my age group, 7th overall, and with the fastest race pace I’ve ever ran, scored myself this adorable pearl bracelet!

I was quickly humbled, however, for the following reasons:

1) The race officials misspelled my last name, so the race results have no record of me running by my real name.
2) My personal info. (City & State) was not included in the results listing, either.
3) When searching my bib number, there is not a single race photo of me (This one is my fault. I overdressed, as usual, and took my top layer displaying my number off in the 2nd mile…tying it around my waist and out of camera shot for the rest of the race).
4) Lastly, my husband was late getting to the finish line (so I don’t even have an eyewitness that I finished!).

If it wasn’t for the bracelet (and a sore hamstring), I might think the whole thing was just a dream! I mean, honestly, if I had a Google-stalker, he (or she) wouldn’t even know I ran this race…and certainly wouldn’t know to be proud of me and want to Google-stalk me all the more. How frustrating!

Anyway, getting back on track: I spent the majority of the summer running sporadically, with very little direction. With 6 weeks to go before the race, I asked my hubby, Dave, to write me a training program that could whip my butt into shape, quickly! He did just that. He wrote me a killer workout schedule (I mean, it almost killed me). But, it also helped me focus, kept me motivated and even got me excited to work hard!

So, should he get the credit for the end result? He’s a teacher, so he would probably expect partial credit, at least. Yeah, I’ll give him that. I’ll give him partial credit…but I won’t give him my bracelet.

btw:  The 6-week 10K workout is posted on a tab above.  That's not like sharing test answers, is it? I can't get in trouble for this, right?


  1. I can vouch for the fact that you ran and that your hubby missed your finish...and I've seen the bracelet and ribbon so I know how you placed. Wish there were a record of your real name as you worked so hard and finished in such good time. Anyway, congratulations, Ms. Supral!

  2. Great Job! I believe you and am proud of you! What a great accomplishment even if it wasn't recorded properly.

  3. You did great. So glad you were able to join our team. I am planning to organize it again next year if you are interested.

  4. First things first, a huge congrats on the 10K finish and the gorgeous bracelet.

    Okay, now the OMG! They misspelled your last name and there are no official race photos AND your husband wasn't there to see you cross the finish! Why doesn't this happen when we run our slowest races and look the absolute worse for the camera. I have a few photos at races where I desperately wished I would have covered my bib number! LOL! :)