I started Running Buddies in January, when I was feeling...well, let's just say...less than motivated!  I'd recently moved for the 10th time in the past 13 years (having lived in 4 different states).  I was starting over again!  Instead of getting discouraged (I'm not sure how to do that), I decided to dwell on the positive and started reflecting back on all the terrific people I have been blessed with knowing (and some I have even had the priviledge of running with...others wouldn't let me talk them into it!).  During that moment of reflection, Running Buddies was born.  My hope is that this blog will be a source of encouragement, inspiration and fun for all it's readers (no matter your fitness level...or blogging level, for that matter!).  Other contributing authors include my amazing husband, Davemy incredible sister, Caryn,  and my my inspiring friend, Lisa!

Kristin's Original Post, January 2010:
Since I moved out of the city and into the county this fall, it has become painfully obvious that my running days as I have known them are gone. No more running through the park or around the street-light lit neighborhood at anytime of the morning, day or night. Nope! Now, the shortest loop I can find around my house is 6 miles and if I want to run during the week, I'm strapping on a head lamp and running in the dark, in complete silence, praying the entire time that I don't run into a coyote or any other nocturnal animal that might scare me awake. (Don't worry Sharon, my sweet Mom-in-law, I kid. I'm sure it is perfectly safe...and if I ever do stumble upon a creature of any kind, I'm very confident that the body alarm you gave me for Christmas will wake up half the county, while simultaneously deafening both the animal and myself. And, if that didn't scare him away, I'd shoot him with my police strength pepper spray!).

Anyway, I have really been missing my running buddies, lately! You know, those people throughout your life who have seen you at your best and worst (and perhaps ugliest) and still do everything they can to encourage you. If only my limited running schedule was conducive for a sane person!

Alas, I have conceded that probably the best way for me to feel more connected and less crazy is to start a blog where I have virtual workout buddies to chat with. I'll be posting every Sunday evening about all sorts of various topics (not necessarily exercise related) that have come up during my past workouts (which might be a little scary, since on one run in Kansas, I spent 5 miles talking with my friend Suzie about corn...I do have to say, in our defense, corn fields are all we had to look at!)

Is there anything better than a great conversation to make a workout fly by? Does anyone else out there love a good running/workout buddy as much as me?

Your new running buddy

P.S. You do not have to be a runner or fitness fanatic to be a virtual running buddy of mine. You just have to have access to a computer and oxygen.