Sunday, May 2, 2010

It’s a dog eat dog…I mean, dog eat runner world.

(Cottonwood Creek, Colorado Springs, CO: 2008)

I see the beast heading straight toward me.

My heart starts racing and I look away. Almost immediately, I look back and our eyes lock. Even though he is yards away, I’m positive he can already sense, maybe even smell, the terror that I feel rapidly engulfing my entire body. He’s closer now, so I move to my left. He moves to my left. Like a fool trying to juke him again, I side-step to my right. He mirrors my action with no hesitation. Having no time to sort them, random thoughts and words flood my mind… Is he running faster now? Should I slow down? Should I speed up? Should I grab a stick? A rock? Where is his owner?teeth, slobber, rabies, leash law, pepper spray, pooper scooper, help!  

Stop thinking!

Nevermind, start thinking!



Taking a deep, possibly final breath, I squeeze my eyelids closed and leap (I’d say hurdle, but my form is way off). With relief, I instantly welcome the solid, dirt trail beneath my feet once again and immediately look back. In full stride, the dog hasn’t missed a step... and neither have I.


  1. Reminds me of the scary dog down the street. I hate him. (I know, thats mean to say but he's really is scary and once broke through his invisible fence and chased OC!). Now I carry mace.

  2. I had a similar situation with my neighbors dog. For over a year I yelled at the dog when he would chase me, or more accurately, ambush me from the tree line. A few weeks ago I was running my usual route. I hear growling. Yep, the dog is lunging for my leg. I am about a quarter-mile away from my neighbors house. I returned home and promply called the sheriff. A deputy was dispatched to talk to the dog's owner. I haven't seen the dog since. Beware, dogs can become increasingly aggressive.

  3. I usually run with my dog (obviously she is not in istanbul with me, but when I am in eugene I do) and she scares off the bums that like to search the trash cans in not so sober states of mind... she is a handy dandy german shepard!

    Glad you got the postcard and SOO glad you love the chocolate brown cow! have one (or 10) for me!