Saturday, May 8, 2010

We get to inspire our kids...

I had an interesting conversation with my 6-year old daughter a few days ago. While I was helping her dry her hair after a bath, she said, I don’t think I ever want to get married, but I would like to have a baby. Do you have to get married to have a baby?” A little stunned, I quickly answered Yes.” And that, of course, was immediately followed by a why?” from her. Trying to delay “the talk” in its entirety for another day (or year), I simply explained that God wants children to have both a mom and a dad. She started nodding and said, Oh, I know why. It’s so that if the mom wants to go for a run, there’ll be someone around to watch the kids.” I told her she was exactly right!

Later, after reciting the conversation to my husband (and listening to him laugh out loud), I thought about my daughters logic and couldn’t help but feel pleased, not only because I dodged “the talk”, but because in her little mind, she defined me, at least in part, as a runner. Even more important to me than that, is the fact that she thinks of my running as a normal activity that moms do. It’s apparent, by this example and numerous others, that my actions directly influence the way my daughter thinks and no doubt will also have an impact on the decisions she makes in her future. I’m not saying she’ll be a runner or want to be an athlete of any kind for that matter, I’m just recognizing the incredible responsibility I have as her mom to set a good example. This is a terrifying, challenging and rewarding task for any mom who wishes to encourage her kids, motivate them, and yes… maybe even inspire them!

I'm definitely a work in progress... so excuse me now while I surf the library website for parenting resources. I’m going to need to brief myself several times for the day when she asks me “more serious” questions.

Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. Great story! Happy Mother's Day Kristin!! :)

  2. Happy Mamaas day to all the mamaas. I lol to, that was good.

  3. So cute!! Probably just the first of many questions you'll be dodging. lol. I do agree that a lot of habits, good and bad, are formed during childhood and have a direct effect on parenting. Its always amazing seeing/hearing what things kids pick up. Maybe in a few years Faith will be your running buddy. :) (cute pic btw!)