Tuesday, October 26, 2010

my littlest running buddy

This is my littlest running buddy (a.k.a. my son, Jaron).  His training wheels came off in July and he has been riding his bike almost every day since.  He especially loves to ride next to me while I run.  I especially love this too!  For one, it allows me to get a little workout in during the day, before hubby and big sis get home.  For two, I allows me to be right next to him as he rides and correct his steering when he gets a little distracted (like when he looks straight up into the sky to see a bird, or to the left to see a dog, or to the right to see what's in the ditch, or straight down to swerve around a pine cone...).

Don't let his 12-inch rims fool you, he has already biked over 30 miles this month!

P.S. Is there anything more adorable than the sound effects of a 4-year old boy on his motorcycletruck, trainbike?


  1. Jaron's my hero! He's biked A LOT more miles than I have this month!

  2. Jaron is adorable! That little guy biked 30 miles so far this month? Amazing! Great way to make running a family event.

  3. That's so cool!! Can he be the official Ascent Cycling Jr. Mascot?