Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's the first “A yummy little vice is nice…especially twice” giveaway!

I’ve thought seriously about making a T-shirt that says, I run(Front), to eat carbs! (back). I absolutely LOVE to reward myself for working out. But, if I’m being really honest, I like just about any excuse to indulge myself in a lip-smacking treat!
(This looks like a picture Lemonade Makin' Mama would have taken with her new camera.  Don't believe me, check out her button on our sidebar)
My personal list of favorites is a lengthy one, but at this time of year, my chart-topping confection is the Cadbury Crème egg! (just a moment, while I delicately bite through the majestic outer layer of milk chocolate, being careful to leave all exposed crème undisturbed). I’m obsessed with them. I don’t dream about eating them or anything weird like that, but I did name my first pet rabbit Cadbury (but that was years ago). I’ll admit, it does take me an absurd amount of time to eat one and I am very meticulous (annoying even, according to my husband) about the procedure by which I execute the process (I don’t think process is the word I meant to use)…. And, maybe I do keep buying them with the intent of “putting them in my kids’ Easter baskets,” and yes, an acute shortage of crème eggs and nothing else does warrant a trip to the grocery store (in my book)… So, I’ve hid a wrapper or two so as not to appear gluttonous… and I might be brushing chocolate out of my teeth all day long… but, I promise, I’m perfectly normal!
What’s your treat “weakness?” Share it with a comment and you’ll be entered to win a gift card to Emerald City Smoothie AND Starbucks (don’t even get me started on their Chai Tea Latte!). Become a follower, subscribe to post emails, or link our (new, adorable) button to your blog and be entered again (just be sure to let me know what you did in your comment, so I can keep track of how many times to enter your name). A winner will be drawn on Friday night, so be sure to check back.

Do you ever imagine a vat of your favorite egg treat at the finish line of a run or at the end of a long workout?  Ahem…um…yeah, I don’t do that, either.

Please note: The last post was not written by me. It was written by my hacker bro-in-law, who even after posting such non-sense, is still a running buddy of mine…but, he’s posting on very thin ice!  Encourage him with a comment and I’ll enter you again!


  1. Am I the first to enter? Um I mean comment? LOL

    First of all, thanks for the blog love.

    Second of all, get that shirt! Hysterical.

    Third of all, you probably know my weakness involves peanut butter and chocolate. But I've given up on sugar. I believe it's killing me slowly.

  2. I just ate my weakness...Samoas Girl Scout Cookies (but well deserved, I ran 4 miles at a faster than normal pace)! I think I just gained back all the calories I lost in two cookies. LOL. Its a good thing the cookies come out just once a year.

  3. My weakness are Girl Scout Cookies and Doughnuts, oh and cupcakes etc... I love them all! My Honey and I have been on a no-sweet kick since the first of the year and each of us has lost over 10 pounds:) That keeps me from cheating. It's just not worth it.

  4. Love the running buddies blog link! So cute! I originally would have thought Girls Scout Samoa cookies would be my weakness, but somehow I have actually managed to ignore the box at our house (I did pick it up last night and debate about opening it, but didn't want Randy to know and the open box would have been a dead give away). I also love Starbucks chai tea lattes, but manage to pass Starbucks by even while thinking of it's deliciousness. I have yet to pass up a chocolate chip cookie, though, so I think I need to admit that it is my weakness. I even nibbled Randy's not-so-good free sample one at Safeway. I could probably pass that up again, but if you put a warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie in front of me I'll be in bliss. I might even dream about them :-)

  5. I am passionate about any and all things chocolate. Special K bars rank very high on the list. Hershey's new chocolate milk is really a dream come true. Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake (ordered from the Cheesecake Factory) should be in every freezer across the nation. Yes, Cadbury Creme eggs are also delightful.

  6. I, too, have a weak spot for creme eggs. I adore them. I can also justify a trip to the store (even late at night) just to have one. But I am proud to say that after I eat one, I don't need another one for at least another couple of hours! ;)

  7. Thanks for the comment Kristen! Much appreciated! That is a great shirt idea, I know I would definitely wear one. :D

    I think that my weakness would have to be peanut butter m&ms, those things are like crack to me! I love them. Raisinettes also rank highly for treats. actually chocolate covered raisins might be worse, because they are so much easier to justify - it's fruit! antioxidants!

  8. I cannot pass a Milky Way candy bar without my mouth watering. I am especially fond of the kind with two in one wrapper (What's better than one Milky Way candy bar?...). However, I recently made a special trip to a convenience store for the express purpose of indulging my borderline Milky Way fettish and, to my astonishment, found that the Mars company had somehow been hearing my thoughts over the past few years (spooky, right?) and begun manufacturing (dare I say?) the possible answer to all of the problems plaguing American society today: the Milky Way Simply Caramel candy bar! This is a bar composed entirely of ridiculously delicious caramel housed in the same ridiculously delicious milk chocolate covering. Are you kidding me? This is my new Kryptonite.
    I also like carrot cake.

  9. So I dont think my post went up... I added one when this blog went up but I dont see it so I dunno. First of all I would like to thank everyone for mentioning all these yummie things that are somewhat hard if not impossible to find in Istanbul. With that said there are a ton of things I crave, chocolate the most! Then smoothies, then ice cream.. hmm there are so many things.

    I added the button, subscribed to the email... anything else I can do I will cause starbucks is ridiculously expensive over here and one of the things I crave!!!

  10. I was being harassed by Caryn for reading this and not leaving a comment. So here is my comment. :)

    I don't run. Sorry guys. :) But I do workout. Monday through Friday with hikes on the weekend. So I'd say that counts. At the end of a workout I usually am just looking forward to dinner. I workout after work and then head home. As for weakness, I'd say that would be Reeses. Those little morsels of peanut butter goodness are amazing.